Mangrtsko sedlo Educational Trail

Mangrtsko sedlo Educational Trail

The new Mangrtsko sedlo trail, where you will learn about this sensitive high mountain area through info points.

In order to provide a better experience for visitors and to preserve nature, JZ TNP has established a new nature trail in the Mangrt area.

The Mangrt Trail offers two starting points, a car park in front of the last tunnel and a car park in front of the barrier, and allows visitors to explore the area along a signposted mountain trail that leads past the mountain hut and along a former traffic road that is now closed to traffic.
The modern interpretation of the nature trail includes various phenomena such as geology, geomorphology, meteorology, botany, fauna, pastoralism, mountaineering and features of the post-war period. At the same time, it emphasises to visitors the sensitivity of life in the high mountains and reminds them to move carefully in the immediate vicinity of quiet areas for white-tailed deer.
The new nature trail is an excellent way to explore the Mangrt saddle, offering visitors an interpretation of an exceptional high mountain environment that is relatively easy to access and unique in terms of observing nature at high altitude.

Additional information

Difficulty of the route:

  • easy

Points of interest along the way:

  • The content of the trail consists of phenomena in the fields of botany (the extraordinary diversity of alpine flowers), fauna (the location of a quiet area for the cotinga kurina), geology (nariv, folds, faults, etc.), meteorology (the optimal conditions for the formation of buoyant winds), traditional human activities (mountain climbing and alpine grazing), history (the post-war period), and mountaineering (the protected Slovene trail in the Mangartu Mountains).

Suitable time of year:

  • dry season

  • The road to Mangart saddle is closed in winter.

Visit payability:

  • An eco-tax of  10 € is payable for driving on Mangrtska cesta.

Guest houses and mountain huts:

  • Hut on Mangrt saddle


  • As it is a popular destination during the summer months, we recommend using public transport to get to the starting point. This will not only reduce traffic congestion and protect the environment, but also help you enjoy the journey without any worries. The bus service operates regularly from various locations, allowing easy access.
  • A maximum of 90 vehicles (including motorbikes) can be driven to Mangart saddle at any one time. Traffic is regulated by a traffic counting gate.

Route manager:

  • Triglav National Park