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The Triglav National Park is a public institute based in Bled and headed by Dr Tit Potočnik.

Triglav National Park
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The photographs on the website are the work of the following photographers:
Janez Bizjak, Dan Briški, Jože Mihelič, Tomaž Mihelič, Luka Markež, Tina Markun, Miha Marolt, Tanja Menegalija, Špela Novak, Michel Roggo, Martin Šolar, Neli Štular, Franci Tišler, Martin Vernik, Aleš Zdešar

The photographs from the archives of the Triglav National Park Public Institute and the website are made available exclusively for the purposes and objectives for the benefit of the National Park.

The photographs are intended for non-commercial use, e.g. for education, awareness-raising, information, presentation, promotion of the National Park. The photographs are not made available for any commercial purposes.

For the purposes of tourism promotion of Slovenia and the National Park, photographs of the Triglav National Park are available in the photo library of the Slovenian Tourist Board:

In case of use of the photographs for the above purposes, the following conditions must be observed:
- The photo must be labelled with the name "Triglav National Park" (caption, attribution, colophon, etc.).
- The name of the author of the photograph must be clearly visible (caption, attribution, colophon, etc.)

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Javni zavod Triglavski narodni park, Bled


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