Aerial sports

Aerial sports

Individual and organised take-off and landing with paragliders is only allowed at launching sites and landing sites whose use does not jeopardise the conservation objectives of the National Park.

The take-off and landing points are defined in the Triglav National Park Management Plan 2016-2025, Annex 9, and shown on the map below. They are entered in the register of take-off points and landing sites maintained by the Civil Aviation Agency.

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It is forbidden to take off and land paragliders, kites or balloons in the entire area of the National Park, except in designated places where this activity does not endanger the objectives of the National Park, with the consent of the National Park Manager.

Acceptable take-off points and landing sites are:

take-off point Vogel N 46°15.150378' E 13°50.402868'
take-off point Vogar N 46°17.669904' E 13°52.523976'
take-off point Studor N 46°17.743608' E 13°54.03225'
take-off point Mangart tunel N 46°43.8653' E 13°63.1189'
take-off point Mangartsko sedlo N 46°26.31' E 13°37.88'
take-off point Strmec na Predelu N 46°25.297' E 13°36.4055'
landing site Log pod Mangartom N 46°24.233322' E 13°36.033324'
landing site Ob gostišču Kramar N 46°16.92009' E 13°52.907982'

In particular, the criteria for the approval of the take-off and landing of paragliders, kites or balloons shall be:

  • Consent may be sought from an association designated as an operator in the register of take-off points and landing sites held by the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, or from the Free Flight Association of Slovenia;
  • the criteria for the granting of consent for individual touring paragliding are in particular:
  • the take-off point and the flight corridor must be located outside quiet areas and their immediate vicinity;
  • the pilot must fly away from the slope immediately after take-off until he reaches an altitude of at least 300 m above the terrain;
  • maintain an altitude of 300 m above the terrain until leaving the National Park area;
  • when issuing the consent, the public authority may specify additional conditions at each take-off point; the pilot must provide the operator with a GPS trace of the flight performed;
  • landing for touring paragliders within the National Park is not allowed.


Vloga za pridobitev soglasja za vzletanje in pristajanje z jadralnimi padali, zmaji ali baloni



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