Mountain biking

Mountain biking

Cycling on legal trails with respect for nature and other trail users.

The experience of the natural environment and cultural landscape of the National Park on a mountain bike should also be reflected in attitudes and respect for the rules of cycling.

In order to calm motor traffic, the Triglav National Park promotes the use of mountain bikes on roads and trails that are designed for this purpose and are consistent with the aims and objectives of the National Park, the protection regimes and the guidelines set out in the management plan. The JZ TNP promotes sustainable mountain biking within the park, which is harmless to nature, the environment and other users of the area.

The Triglav National Park offers many opportunities for mountain biking due to its extensive road infrastructure, and it is essential that mountain biking takes place outside the natural environment or on roads and trails defined in the National Park Management Plan.

The permissibility of mountain biking varies between the park's conservation areas. The National Park is divided into three conservation areas. Conservation Areas 1 and 2 form the central area, which is primarily dedicated to the conservation and protection of nature, while Conservation Area 3 is dedicated to sustainable development in addition to nature conservation.

Where is mountain biking allowed?

Mountain biking is allowed in Conservation Zone 3 only outside the natural environment, i.e. on existing road infrastructure intended for motorised traffic and on forest roads (exceptions are forest roads with special regime). Bicycles are not allowed on forest trains, mountain trails and off uncategorised roads in Conservation Zone 3.

There is a general ban on bicycles in Zones 1 and 2 of the National Park. Exceptions to the prohibition apply to cycling on existing road infrastructure intended for motorised traffic and to cycling on agricultural roads, mountain trails, forest roads and trains, as defined in the National Park Management Plan.


Notwithstanding the nature conservation acceptability of cycling on the routes shown on the map below, cycling is only allowed on those routes that have been coordinated with the operators or owners of the routes and with the provisions of the law governing mountain routes and the provisions of the regulations governing forest roads.

Juliana Bike

The Juliana Bike circular long-distance touring bike trail follows the philosophy of its older hiking sister Juliana Trail and is basically part of the The Slovenian Mountain Bike route  (STKP).


General guidelines for mountain biking

Due to the sensitivity of wildlife during night time, dusk and early morning, mountain biking on permitted routes is only acceptable during daylight hours.

Recreational mountain biking is encouraged in the park area, with an emphasis on experiencing and respecting the natural and cultural features of the area.

Competitions and mass events are not allowed on nature-acceptable routes within the park. The consent of the Triglav National Park Public Institute is required for events within the park.

The Vogel Bicycle Park is open within the National Park in the Vogel ski area in summer.