Goreljek nature trail

Goreljek nature trail

By redirecting visitors to the Goreljek Educational Trail, we are also working to preserve other bog areas in Pokljuka.

Leaflet about Pokljuka
In the middle of the forests of Pokljuka, there are several areas of moorland that are more or less well preserved. They lie in an area where human pressure on nature is very high.

An easy walk around Pokljuka's peat bog, one of the southernmost in Europe. On the information trail, you can learn about the flora and fauna of this sensitive habitat type.

The extensive spruce forests provide shelter for many species of flora and fauna, and the hikers enjoy peace and clean air. The Goreljek Trail is particularly interesting for learning about the special features and significance of peat bogs, which are among the most valuable nature areas in Europe. The trail is intended for all those who happen to visit Pokljuka, as well as for regular visitors, schoolchildren, school pupils and tourists alike.The Goreljek Moorland Trail is a nature trail that is designed to help visitors to the area learn more about the nature of the area.

Guided tours:

Peat bogs are areas of permanently standing water with a layer of peat a few decimetres or metres thick, overgrown with peat mosses. The process of bog formation started after the last glaciation. After the glacier retreated, small lakes were left behind. Over the millennia, they gradually filled up with various organic remains of aquatic plants that colonised the lake. The increasingly acidic water allowed only some plants to grow and develop. The most common were peat mosses, which still dominate the surface of the bog today. Peat mosses grow continuously at the top and turn charcoal at the bottom. The surface is thus rising, which is why these bogs are also called raised bogs.

Additional information

Difficulty of the route:

  • short and easy trail, through the woods and along wooden footbridges along the moors

Points of interest along the way:

  • more info points on the flora and fauna of the moor, Pokljuka today and in the past, the general characteristics of the moor and human activities in the surrounding area

Appropriate time of year:

  • dry season

Visit payability:

  • free of charge

Guest houses and mountain huts:

  • Hotel Jelka


  • suitable hiking footwear

Trail Manager:

  • Triglav National Park