Pilze und Kräuter sammeln

Pilze und Kräuter sammeln

Finden Sie heraus, wie viele Pilze und Kräuter Sie sammeln dürfen.

The Triglav National Park Act only allows amateur or commercial gathering of mushrooms and plants in the park's peripheral zone, the third protection zone.

The first and second conservation areas, which constitute the central area of the National Park, are prioritised for the protection and conservation of nature, and the collection of fungi and plants is therefore prohibited in these areas.

An individual can pick up to 2 kg of mushrooms and 1 kg of herbs per day.

Mushroom picking

When picking mushrooms, it is also necessary to observe the conditions laid down in the Regulation on the protection of autotrophic fungi and the forestry and forest protection regulations, in particular the Forest Protection Regulations. For example, an individual may pick up to 2 kg of mushrooms per day, which must be roughly cleaned directly on the growing site. When picking, no implements may be used that could damage the mushroom or the mushroom plant.

The mushrooms collected must be transported in airtight and rigid packaging. As temporary visitors to the forests, we should be aware that our presence in the forest is disturbing to the park's wildlife, so we should not make unnecessary noise or cause other disturbance.

As a rule, the month of August in the forests of the Triglav National Park is the period of maximum mushroom growth and the associated mass visit and intensive picking, especially in Pokljuka and Mežakla. The Triglav National Park's nature conservation officers, in cooperation with the competent inspection services, step up their surveillance during mushroom picking times.

Is it allowed to collect herbs in the Triglav National Park?

Herb collecting is also only allowed in the third protection zone, where an individual can collect up to 1 kg of herbs per day for personal use.

In the case of collecting for commercial purposes, the prior consent of the park manager is required.