Mountain huts

Mountain huts

There are 38 mountain huts in the Triglav National Park.

Mountain huts provide shelter, rest and refreshments for mountain visitors. Due to limited natural resources and remoteness, the operators are not able to meet all the requirements of visitors. Let us use the services of the huts carefully and sparingly, with less energy, water, litter and noise. Respect the house rules, the night rest and be considerate to staff and other visitors.

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Mountain hut reservation system

With the mountain hut booking system, you can easily book a bed, half-board with breakfast and dinner or provide additional relevant information to the hut manager 24 hours a day. It is a tailor-made reservation system designed to meet the specific needs of the mountain hut operation, which sets it apart from traditional reservation systems.

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Other mountain hut bookings

Please contact the huts directly to book beds and for other information.

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The National Park has a network of 826 km of mountain trails, allowing people to safely visit and experience the mountains. These include 43 km of challenging trails and 24 km of very challenging trails. The maintenance of these trails is carried out by 27 mountain associations, which do so on a voluntary basis.

Overview of mountain and other trails in the park