The Hay-carriers' Trail

The Hay-carriers' Trail

The trail leads from the village of Strmec to the Gorenjega stan' or Mangrt saddle.

Farmers did not look at the view when they carried hay from Mangrt to the valley. But the views here are exceptional, especially of the Loška Steno, Mangrt, Jalovec and, from the Mangrt saddle, the Belopeška Lakes.

The scenic route will take you gradually from the forest above the village of Strmec to the high mountain world of the Mangart saddle, where you will be breathless at the views of Mount Mangart (2,679 m), the longest mountain wall in the Julian Mountains, the Loška Stena, the emerald of the Julian Mountains, Jalovec, and the Belopeška Lakes, deep below on Italian territory. There are, of course, many more pearls to marvel at along the way, and they outweigh all the effort of walking this relatively long route.

Additional information

Route difficulty:

  • difficult route

Appropriate time of year:

  • dry season

Visit payability:

  • free of charge

Guest houses and mountain huts:

  • Hut on Mangrt saddle


  • suitable hiking footwear

Route manager:

  • TD Log pod Mangrtom