ZLATOROG - opening of the exhibition and screening of the award-winning animated film

ZLATOROG - opening of the exhibition and screening of the award-winning animated film

On Wednesday, 5 June 2024, at 20:00, join us at the Infocentre Triglavska roža Bled for the opening of the exhibition and the screening of the award-winning animated film The Legend of Goldhorn.

Young filmmakers Lea Vučko (script, directing, animation) and Damir Grbanović (editing, production) have created a beautiful internationally-acclaimed animated film, Legenda o Zlatorogu / The Legend of Goldhorn, which continues to reap awards at various festivals around the world.

In addition to the Vesna Award for Best Animated Film in 2022, the film also received an award for best visual style by the Slovenian Animated Film Association, an honourable mention from the jury at the 17th Mountain Film Festival in Ljubljana, the Best Animated Short Film award at Nepal International Film Festival, an honourable mention for short animation from the jury at SeeFest 2023 in Los Angeles, and others.

The film continues to tour various film festivals around the world, which are frequently the only place where such short films can be seen. An exhibition about the making of the film is therefore a unique opportunity to showcase the film in a local setting featured in its content.

The exhibition highlights different aspects of the process of making an animated short film, which ordinarily stay invisible to the audience - the entire storyboard, sketches, photographs of locations across the Trenta Valley that were taken during the filming, the drawing technique used, ... esentially everything that went on during the four-year production of the 14-minute film which contains more than 10,000 hand-drawn and digitized images.

The exhibition and the animated film will be on display at the Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled until 22 September 2024.


05. 06. 2024 - 22. 09. 2024


Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled