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The Radovna Cycle Route

The Radovna Cycle Route

is the first cycle route in the area of the Triglav National Park. The concept of the trail was prepared by the Elementary School Gorje Youth Tourist Club, whose members presented the natural and cultural attractions of the valley in their project Wheels turn backward – wheels turn forward, and linked these points of interest into a cycling route. At Zgornja Radovna, the Radovna Cycle Route joins the existing Cultural Trail. The route has been designed to inform visitors of the attractions of the valley and to encourage them to experience nature in a focused, active way. The route is for all who like cycling, for all who love the nature and cultural landscape and for all who wish to experience this part of the Triglav National Park up close.

The cycleway runs along the Radovna valley, from Krnica near Zgornje Gorje to the Pocar Farm Museum at Zgornja Radovna. It is about 16 km long and can be cycled in 2.5 to 3.5 hours, stops at information boards included. As far as possible, the route follows the gravel road through the valley, and the only slightly difficult ascent just before the end of the cycleway can be avoided by taking a short detour. Along the route over 10 information boards have been placed providing visitors with descriptions of the valley and its points of interest. Clear signposts lead cyclists from one interesting feature to another. Visitors and cyclists can return the same way, or choose another route (Krma, Mojstrana, etc.).

The wheel SREČKO (»HAPPY«) is the official logo of the Radovna Cycle Route. It represents the sun wheel, a symbol believed by the natives of Radovna to bring happiness and good fortune. The sun-like rosettes of the wheel can be seen carved into a ceiling beam in hiša, or the main room, of the Pocar Farm.



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