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Pokljuka Trail

In addition to being a starting point for mountaineering tours to the nearby summits and even Triglav, the Pokljuka plateau is in itself a very attractive visitor destination. Constant thinking about what to show to visitors and where to take them so as to ensure nature protection and conservation has led to the idea of creating a Pokljuka Trail. The Pokljuka Trail is a park and nature trail showing visitors to the Triglav National Park and Pokljuka around its forests and other points of interest. The trail connects forests, alps and pastures and several historical attractions into an intriguing whole.

The trail is 7.5 km long and can be hiked in approximately three hours, stops at information boards included. The visit to the Pokljuka Trail can be tailored to the available time and desired purpose of visitors, who can decide to take a look at those sections of the trail which they consider the most interesting. The trail is for all who come to Pokljuka: families, school children and special interest groups, and individuals of all ages. It is marked with typical TNP information posts and interpretation boards erected at important or interesting sites. Guided tours can be organized by prior arrangement with the Triglav National Park or Slovenian Forest Service.

The Pokljuka plateau is known for its vast spruce forests, which is why a perky SPRUCE JELKA has been chosen as a logo of the Pokljuka Trail. When you take the trail, you will also find out why broadleaf trees have disappeared from the Pokljuka forests.



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