Tolmin, Kobarid

Follow the lower Soča valley through remains of first world war to one of the most beautiful man-made lakes

  • Tolminska korita 1160 570 3

    Tolmin gorges

    The wild gorges of Tolminka and the gorges of Zadlaščica with the famous 'bear's head' are the lowest entry point to the Triglav National Park

  • TNP Pohodne poti Planina Razor 1006 2021

    Razor pasture

    In the shelter of three-hundred-year-old beech trees, a mountain hut awaits you on one of the oldest mountain pastures in Tolmin.

  • Kobarisko tolminske planine 1160 570 5

    Stages of Juliana Trail

    stages 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

  • 20170601 05 DanAK Kolesarjenje po sirarski poti 05 foto arhiv PRC

    Stages of Juliana Bike

    stages 5, 6, and 7

  • 20170714 ppp kali planina Javornik 3

    Stages od Alpe Adria Trail

    stages 25, 26, and 27

  • pot miru

    Walk of peace

    On the way from the Alps to the Adriatic, you will first be overwhelmed by the peace that was not always taken for granted along the Soča and Piava rivers in the area of ​​Slovenia and Italy

  • dantejeva jama

    Dante's cave by Tolmin

    The highest part of the path along the Tolmin gorges leads us to the cave in which the famous Italian poet is said to have received inspiration for his 'Divine Comedy' - the cave can be explored with a guide.

  • 1 Cerkev sv. Duha v Javorci

    Javorca, memorial church of the Holy Spirit

    High above the Tolminka riverbed rises a wooden shrine dedicated to the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Tolmin battlefield of the Soča Front (1915-1917).

  • most na soci

    Lake at Most na Soči

    A picturesque artificial lake that offers many opportunities for sports and recreation

  • ovca planinsko pasnistvo 006

    Polog mountain pasture (in preparation)

  • Kolovrat Foto Jure Batagelj

    Kolovrat outdoor museum

    A trans-boundary museum with an exceptional view of Soča Valley preserves the memory of the third defensive line of the Italian army during Soča front and is one of the most visited points on the Peace Route from the Alps to the Adriatic

  • Korita Tolminke

    Source of Tolminka river

    A family-friendly circular tour that rewards you with a wonderful view at the river spring

  • kobarid zgodovinska pot

    Kobarid historical trail

    A 5 km long route that connects villages around Kobarid, where the most important historical, cultural and natural monuments are located

  • slap kozjak

    Kozjak waterfall

    Not far from Kobarid, above the emerald Soča river, there is the gorge of the Kozjak stream, in which the 15-meter-high Kozjak waterfall stands out.

  • Vecer na Krnu web

    Mt. Krn (2244m) from Kuhinja alpine pasture

    Climbing the highest mountain of the Krn mountain chain and one of the most easily accessible two-thousanders in the Soča valley

  • koseska korita

    Koseč gorges

    Circular route from the village of Koseč, past the church of St. Just, by the Stopnik stream and up to 60m-deep gorges