Kranjska Gora, Jesenice, Žirovnica, Radovljica

Visit the upper Sava valley and marvel upon the steep walls of surrounding mountains 

  • Vrata lowres2

    Triglavska Bistrica trail

    Triglavska Bistrica river is born out of the mighty northern Triglav wall - follow the stream all the way to its source

  • Planica Tamar 1160 570 3


    Enter the secluded Alpine valley on the far North-Western end of Slovenia

  • Zgornjesavski tip 1160 570 1

    Juliana Trail

    Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4

  • 20170601 05 DanAK Kolesarjenje po sirarski poti 05 foto arhiv PRC

    Juliana Bike

    Stages 2 and 3

  • mitja sodja alpska mozina planina za liscem pomanj

    Alpe Adria Trail

    Stages 22 and 23

  • Zelenci 1

    Zelenci natural reserve

    Take a look into the clear lake and see the springs of cold and pure water emerge from the bottom

  • martuljski slapovi1 2 700x465 c

    Martuljek waterfalls

    From below mt. Špik, the Martuljek stream cuts its way through the limestone breccia and presents itself with two incredible waterfalls

  • ucna pot trilobit

    Educational trail Trilobit

    Follow the circular themed trail around Javorniški Rovt and nearby hills

  • narcise

    Golica (1835m)

    Hike to the top of mt. Golica in spring and find out wht the locals call it "Queen of daffodils"

  • Pocarjeva domacija 1160 570 10

    From Mojstrana to Pocar homestead

    Take a walk from Slovene mountaineering museum, across small lake Kreda to Radovna valley and Pocar homestead

  • Sv. Lovrenc nad Zabreznico

    St. Lawrence above Zabreznica village

    The church from the 14th century is a picturesque scene above Zabreznica; the view of the Dežela is the greatest reward during the ascent

  • Pot kulturne dediscine Zirovnica 4

    Path of cultural heritage Žirovnica

    The route connects cultural and historical monuments in the villages below Stol, among which there are five central points - birth houses of most important Slovenian poets and writers

  • jamnik 1008358642 r

    Jamnik viewpoint

    Jamnik is widely known for its wonderful views and the church of St. Primus and Felician

  • svPeter z zraka JKolman r

    St Peter above Begunje

    Hike up to the hill above Begunje na Gorenjskem and you will be rewarded by the sight of the charming church and magnificent views across the wider Gorenjska area.