Transboundary Ecoregion Julian Alps - Parco naturale Prealpi Giulie

International cooperation is extremely important for the preservation of nature - visit our sister nature park Parco naturale Prealpi Giulie

  • TaLipaPot18

    Ta Lipa trail

    Nature knows no borders, so this route takes us through as many as two countries and thus through two natural parks

  • Fontanone Goriuda Luciano Gaudenzi.2e16d0ba.fill 750x450

    Goriuda waterfall

    Cascata del Fontanon di Goriuda is known as the Waterfall of the Sun and according to the legend there are dwarfs still living in the cave

  • Geologija 930 550 2

    Geological trail Foran dal Mus

    The trail gives the opportunity to discover an extremely particular and characteristic environment, entirely surrounded by a karst plateau where the several and spectacular surface phenomena stand out

  • Bogatinsko sedlo planinski krozek web

    Sentiero per Tutti - the path for everyone

    Close to the new Pian dei Ciclamini hiking refuge in Lusevera, there is the Sentiero per Tutti created with characteristics that allow it to be accessible to all types of users, including people with disabilities.

  • rezija

    Cycing trail Trenta - Sella Carnizza - Resia (in preparation)

  • anello basa al resia

    Cycling trail Anello Basa val Resia (in preparation)