Bovec, Log pod Mangartom, Trenta

Visit the source of the emerald river and enjoy the fragrance of alpine flora

  • Soska pot 1160 570 6

    Soča Trail

    In the gray limestone, the turquoise blue color marks the river Soča, which has cut for itself an extraordinary path from its source to its mouth...


  • 3 senarska pot zdesar

    Senarska trail

    The farmers did not look at the views as they carried the hay from under Mangart to the valley...

  • 10 mangrt 3

    Mangartsko sedlo nature trail (in preparation)

    A high-altitude learning trail that takes the visitor through the colorful botanical richness of the saddle

  • Bovsko trentarske planine 1160 570 1

    Stages of Juliana Trail

    Stages 13, 14, 15, and 16

  • 20170601 05 DanAK Kolesarjenje po sirarski poti 05 foto arhiv PRC

    Stages of Juliana Bike

    Stages 3 and 4

  • Bovsko trentarske planine 1160 570 2

    Stages of Alpe Adria Trail

    Stages 23, 24, and 25

  • pot miru

    Walk of Peace

    On the way from the Alps to the Adriatic, you will first be overwhelmed by the peace that was not always taken for granted along the Soča and Piava rivers in the area of ​​Slovenia and Italy

  • slapovi fratarice

    Fratarica stream and waterfalls (in preparation)

  • kriska jezera

    Zadnjica valley and Kriška jezera lakes

    The high mountain world of Kriški podi is home to four alpine lakes, which are among the important values ​​of the Triglav National Park.

  • svinjak

    Mt. Svinjak (1653m)

    A demanding path that leads us along a steep slope to beautiful views

  • dolina koritnica big

    Loška koritnica valley

    An easy cycling (or hiking) tour, also suitable for families

  • Krnsko jezero 9

    Lepena valley and Krn lakes

    Put on your mountain shoes and set off on the trail, where you will be overwhelmed by the colorful mountain freshness

  • Izvir Soce 2 s

    Source of the Soča river

    One of the most beautiful and pure karst springs in the Julian Alps gives birth to the emerald daughter of the mountains, the magnificent Soča river

  • sunikov vodni gaj

    Šunik water grove

    A relaxing corner of water energies in the middle of the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park is a great idea for a trip to nature

  • prestreljenisko okno

    Mt. Kanin and Prestreljenik window

    The Kanin mountain range is surrounded by a unique high mountain karst with many natural attractions

  • slap virje

    Virje Waterfall

    The magical corner by the Virje waterfall is the right location for lovers of relaxation, lovers and photographers

  • slap boka

    Boka waterfall

    The most powerful Slovenian waterfall with a total height of 144 meters and a width of 18 meters is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Europe