Unforgettable Experiences

  • Parkovne pespoti 930 550 1

    Park trails

    Park trails are designed to maximise your enjoyment of the pristine natural environment. Choose a trail to explore.

  • Varno na Triglav 930 550 1

    Safely to the top of Triglav

    Climbing a mountain with a guide is a wonderful and, most importantly, safe experience.

  • Vodni sporti 930 550 1

    Water sports

    Discover and explore mysterious ravines, stunning rivers and Lake Bohinj from another perspective.

  • Nabiranje gob in zelisc 930 550 1

    Mushroom and herb picking

    When visiting the Park, look for mushrooms and herbs. Check the daily bag limits.

  • Obiskovalci s posebnimi potrebami 930 550 1

    Visitors with special needs

    The Triglav National Park is upgrading its access points and infrastructure to make this beautiful natural environment accessible to all.

  • obiskovanje TNP wwwpriporocamo1


    By following the rules and laws of the national park you contribte to preservation of nature and wildlife species.

  • Juliana trail odprtje2

    Juliana Trail