Holders of the Triglav National Park Quality Mark

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Triglav National Park Quality Mark: Proof of quality, tradition and sustainable practices in Triglav National Park

The products and services that carry the Triglav National Park (TNP) Quality Mark testify to the high quality, appreciation of tradition, and sustainable practices of Slovenia’s only national park. The TNP Quality Mark is awarded to providers who make and sell food and arts and crafts products, as well as those who work in the hospitality sector or provide other personal or public services in the municipalities of Triglav National Park and/or the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve.

Providers who have obtained the Triglav National Park Quality Mark are easily recognisable from the above logo. The logo can be used for products and services that have been certified as compliant with the standards of quality concerning the protection and conservation of the environment, nature, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Look for the Quality Mark logo and support those providers whose commitment to high quality standards supports the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Triglav National Park.

Tourist farms and accomodation carrying the Triglav National Park Quality Mark:

TNP 2Kakovost mali6


Ekološka kmetija Psnak

Zgornja Radovna 18, Mojstrana


Turistična kmetija Plajer

Trenta 16a, Soča


Plajer 1wwwnapovedna
Cernuta 1wwwnapovedna

Turistična kmetija Černuta

Log pod Mangartom 40, Log pod Mangartom


Turistična kmetija Jelinčič

Soča 50, Soča


Jelincic 3
Gorjup 2wwwnapovedna

Turistična kmetija Gorjup

Podjelje 19, Srednja vas v Bohinju


Turistična kmetija Lovrč

Čadrg 8, Tolmin


Lovrc 3

ALPIK Chalets Bohinj

Ukanc 85
4265 Bohinjsko jezero


Chalet Apartments ALPIK

Eco Camp Korita Soča

Soča 38
5232 Soča


Kamp Korita

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