Trenta lodge

Hisa Trenta 1360 600

The Trenta Lodge

Trenta 41

5232 Soča 

E: 13°45'16,25''; N: 46°22'56,61''


in Na Logu in Trenta in the vicinity of the Information Centre, at an altitude of 624 m.


by road from Bovec (20 km) or from Kranjska Gora (24 km). 


four rooms with two beds each (a communal bathroom with a WC is shared by two rooms), three double rooms with a bathroom, an apartment for five, the house sleeps 19 people; a living room with a kitchen; running water, electricity and central heating.

No pets allowed

Natural sights:
source of the Soča, the Mlinarica troughs with a waterfall, Velika korita (Big Troughs) of the Soča by the village Soča, the troughs of the Soča at Kršovec, waterfalls in Zapoden and in Vrsnik; Alpinum Juliana Botanical Garden; the valley of Trenta and its side valleys. 

Cultural monuments:
typical architectural heritage of the Trenta and Soča valleys; Church of St Joseph in Soča, Church of Our Lady of Loretto in Trenta, Tožbar’s plaque in Trenta, the Dr. Julius Kugy Monument in Trenta; WWI military cemeteries in the villages of Soča and Trenta. (We recommend a guided tour of the Soča Trail which connects many natural signs and cultural monuments of the Trenta valley.)

Trips and mountain tours (starting point: TNP Information Centre in Trenta):

the Mlinarica gorge, valleys of Zadnja Trenta, Zadnjica, Vrsnik and Lepena, the Soča Trail, Alpinum Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden, the Zapotok pasture from Zadnja Trenta – 2 hours, Bavški Grintavec (2347 m) from Zadnja Trenta – 6 hours, the Trebiščina pasture and on to the Prehodavci pass – 5 hours, Triglav (2864 m) from Zadnjica – 6 to 8 hours, Jalovec (2645 m) from Zadnja Trenta – 5 to 6 hours.

Information and reservation

An advance reservation of facilities with the TNP Authority is required.

tel.: + 386 5388 93 30, + 386 70 413 367

Price list

An advance reservation of facilities with the TNP Authority is required.

Price list