Cancelled - Observing the Night Sky

/ Vogel Ski Center, 20.00

20170224 opazovanje neba Vogel

Due to really bad weather condition, observing the night sky is cancelled.


Other astronomical events in winter 2018

-24.2.2018 Observing the Universe from the Earth surface

-17.3.2018 Story of our Sun: how much time is left?



Triglav National Park and Vogel Ski Center are organizing the Observing the Night Sky Workshop. The lectures are held by PhD Prof Tomaž Zwitter and the observations by Tilen Kuhar.

Theme of this lecture is From a shot with a mobile to photographs with an astronomical telescope.

We all love cameras in our mobile phones. But do you know how they work? First we will try to understand how a camera detects light and what are its advantages and limitations. Next the results will be compared to photographs obtained by amateur or professional photographers. At the end we will conclude that even the most advanced astronomical telescopes collect light in a remarkably similar way. And along the way there will be no shortage of colourful and exciting photos of the Universe.

The lecture is followed by astronomical observations.

Free of charge, your cost is transport with cable-car to Vogel.

To reserve a spot please email us: or call on 04 5780 205 at least one day before the event till 12 o'clock.

See you there!



  • 06.01.2018