European Diploma for Protected Areas

In 2004 the Triglav National Park was granted the Council of Europe's Diploma for Protected Areas in recognition of the park's breath-taking landscapes of European importance due to great diversity of nature and landscapes and the value of the protected area. The Council of Europe's recommendations and duties which the Triglav National Park Public Institute and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia undertook with the granting and extension of validity of the Diploma in 2009 are an integral part of the park's programmes. The Triglav National Park Public Institute draws up annual reports on the status of the park's area and fulfilment of the conditions and recommendations.

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Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve - MAB (Man and Biosphere)

In 2003 the UNESCO office in Paris adopted a Decision to include the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park into the international network of biosphere reserves MAB (Man and Biosphere). The Julian Alps have thus become part of a world network of model regions of sustainable development. The decision marked the first inclusion of Slovenia into the MAB network. 

In 1968 UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, started the programme Man and Biosphere (MAB). It was designed with an aim to research the impacts of human activities on the changes in the environment and to encourage sustainable development.


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Julian Alps Transboundary Ecoregion

Cooperation between Prealpi Giulie Nature Park (Italy) and Triglav National Park dates back to 1996, when the Italian park was established. Partnership between the two protected areas started with joint participation in several EU projects and in 20 years it has grown into a strong bond that promotes collaboration in a range of areas, including EU projects, exchange of good practice, exchange of training groups, joint presentation at fairs and other events. In 2007 the idea of a transboundary park was born. Only two years later the transboundary Julian Alps Ecoregion, which also includes Slovenia’s Julian Alps MAB UNESCO Area, was officially awarded the EUROPARC Transboundary Certificate. The certificate's validity was extended in 2014 on the basis of an external audit.

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European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

In 2016 the Triglav National Park, which includes the Julian Alps UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve, and Prealpi Giulie Nature Park were awarded Federation EUROPARC's European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. The two parks were the first transboundary protected areas in Europe to be granted the Charter. The EUROPARC Federation strives to promote nature conservation, protection of cultural landscape, and sustainable development. Its primary aim is to improve the management of protected areas through exchange of good practice and influencing policy, and support its members to respond to current challenges. The slogan of the sustainable tourism campaign is: “Good for Parks, Good for People!”

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“Ecological Connectivity in the Alps” Pilot Region

In 2014 the Alpine Convention designated the Triglav National Park and its neighbouring Prealpi Giulie Nature Park from Italy as an official Alpine Pilot Region for eco-connectivity, making the two protected areas the ninth pilot region for eco-connectivity in the Alps. The designation is recognition of the parks’ sustainable development efforts and will promote nature conservation cooperation with other pilot regions and support in current and future projects.

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Europa Nostra Award

In the scope of the EU's cultural heritage awards in the category of architecture, the Triglav National Park was granted the Europa Nostra Award for the renovation of the Pocar Homestead in Zgornja Radovna. The justification of the award stated that the Triglav National Park received the Diploma for “thoughtful use of traditional knowhow and materials in the safeguarding of a rare and authentic example of 18th century architectural and ethnological heritage and the related local opportunities for the generation of income.” 

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Cooperation with the Prealpi Giulie Nature Park

The Triglav National Park and Prealpi Giulie Nature Park cooperate in several European projects, research studies exchange of good practice concerning vistation and professional tasks, presentation at events, and cooperation of schools from the vicinity of both parks. In 2009 the neighbouring parks received a Transboundary Charter by the Federation EUROPARC, in 2014 the certificate of the Alpine Convention for a transboundary pilot region for eco-connectivity, and in 2016 the Charter of the Federation EUROPARC for sustainable tourism in a tranboundary protected area.

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Mutual Cooperation Agreements

The Triglav National Park has signed cooperation agreements with the Taunus Nature Park (Germany), Snowdonia National Park (Wales ,UK), and tripartite agrements with the national parks Hohe Tauern (Austria) and Les Ecrins (France). 

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Alparc – the Alpine Network of Protected Areas

ALPARC, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, joins several hundred protected areas of all categories in the Alpine Arc countries between France and Slovenia. The  Triglav National Park has been a member since the network was established in 1995. The main goal is the concrete application of the protocol of the Alpine Convention: “Nature conservation and landscape elements”. 

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Alpine Convention

The Alpine Convention is an international agreement that involves The European Union and the Alpine states (Germany, France, Italy, Liechstenstein, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia). It is an international territorial treaty for the sustainable development of the Alps. In order to realise this goal and measures, a framework convention on climate and on population and culture and several thematic protocols were adopted, each dedicated to one of the following themes: mountain farming, conservation of nature and countryside, spatial planning and sustainable development, mountain forests, tourism, transport, energy and soil conservation. In 2014 the Alpine Convention designated the Triglav National Park and Prealpi Giulie Nature Park as the official transboundary Pilot Region for eco-connectivity.

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Twinning Agreement with Crater Park National Park 

In May 2017 the Triglav National Park and Crater Lake National Park (Oregon, US) signed a twinning agremeent to exchange know-how and experience in nature conservation, management of protected areas, education and training, professional tasks and research. Both parks share a similar latitude, rich biodiversity, lakes, mountains and forests. Both attract numerous visitors looking for a quiet retreat or an active holiday. Parks are also faced with similar management challenges, i.e. how to ensure experience of the park that is suitable from the nature protected aspect.

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Slovenia Green

In 2017 the Triglav National Park received the Slovenia Green award and joined the ’green scheme’ of Slovenian tourism. The Slovenian Tourist Board has developed the green scheme of Slovenian tourism in order to promote sustainable development in Slovenia across its three integral pillars: environmental, social and economic. The key strategic orientations of green tourism are active involvement of tourism into green economy, awareness-raising and incentive schemes for the tourism industry to develop green business models and incentives for tourist destinations; establish sustainable development models based on sustainability indicators, and to raise the awareness of visitors and persuade them to shift their focus towards sustainable lifestyle and environment-friendly practices.

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Twinning Agreement with Natural Reserve Kronotsky

In May 2018 the Triglav National Park and the Kronotsky Natural Reserve from Russia (Kamchatka Peninsula) signed a twinning agremeent to exchange know-how and experience in nature conservation, management of protected areas, education and training, professional tasks and research

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