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The diverse tasks of the Triglav National Park's nature conservation monitors

The main tasks of nature conservation monitors in the Triglav National Park are defined in regulations, but the details are often dictated by the situation on the ground.

This was also the case two years ago in the middle of summer, when our nature conservation officer, France Tišler, was informed that a chamois in the high mountains of the Triglav National Park had become entangled in a wire that it could not get out of.

When Franci Tišler arrived at the scene, he saw a frightened chamois struggling fiercely with the remains of a wire fence. The fence was still firmly in place on one side and entangled between the gams' horns on the other. Despite his attempts, the animal was unable to free himself from the wire fence.

Our conservation officer cautiously approached the wire rope and slowly and carefully began to pull the part that was wrapped around the gams' horns towards him. The frightened animal was jumping more and more furiously to save itself. Franci Tišler calmed it down with a few deft holds. He set about removing the wire and soon the gama was free to run into the wild again.

This is also part of the job of nature conservation officers.

You can see a video of the rescue of the chamois here.