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Our Nature Conservation Officer enlivens the Young Explorers' Camp

Our staff are happy to participate in educational activities for all generations, not only those organised by our institution, but also others. For example, our Nature Conservation Officer Zvonko Kravanja, Head of the Trenta Department, enriched the Young Explorers' Camp in Lepena.

Education and awareness-raising of visitors to Triglav National Park is one of the important tasks of the employees of the Triglav National Park Public Institution, as responsible visitation of the park is of key importance for the preservation of nature and cultural landscape, as well as for the preservation of the park's population. That is why our employees are happy to participate in any educational activities where they can teach participants about these topics. This type of education and awareness-raising is particularly useful for young people, who quickly learn and apply new knowledge, and who are also excellent teachers of kindergarteners and family members.

This is how our Nature Conservation Officer Zvonko Kravanja, Head of the Trenta Department, visited the participants of the Nature Conservation Camp that took place in Lepena during the week of 23-29 July. According to Radio Primorski val, the camp was organised by the Mountain Nature Protection Section of the Nova Gorica Mountaineering Society and was attended by 30 young nature lovers. During the camp, children from the 4th to the 9th grade of primary school learned about nature, learned to respect it, and much more. They also had various interesting lectures.

At the camp, young people learn about different animals and plants, including medicinal plants, and can try their hand at camping and other outdoor skills. Nature can be unpredictable, the Primorska Wave pointed out.

You can hear what the young participants will remember about this year's camp in the statements on the website of Radio Primorski val.