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Congratulations on World Conservation Officer Day

Congratulations on World Conservation Officer Day
Today is World Conservation Officer Day. In recent years, around 20 nature conservation wardens have been looking after the 840 square kilometres of the Triglav National Park. On this day, we would like to remind you of the importance and indispensability of their work.

On today's World Conservation Day, we would like to remind you that the work of nature conservation officers is very varied, but it is mainly field-based. But for all their tasks, nature conservation officers are first and foremost people who have a great deal of knowledge and respect for nature.

As visitors, we most often encounter nature conservation wardens when they are carrying out direct monitoring in nature: they point out rules of behaviour and nature conservation regimes and identify violations, they point out specific features in the area in relation to the current situation, and they are a very valuable source of useful information, especially for landowners.

Monitoring the state of nature and carrying out regular monitoring for fauna and flora is also an important part of their work.

We and the other staff of the Triglav National Park Public Institute would like to extend our warmest wishes to our and other nature conservation monitors on their special day today.