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Mowing and provision of green mulch (LIFE FOR SEEDS project)

Mowing and provision of green mulch (LIFE FOR SEEDS project)
The LIFE FOR SEEDS project team, which also includes the staff of the Triglav National Park, spends most of the summer on the meadows, as the restoration of the meadows is in full swing. This time we describe the production of green mulch and its importance for meadow restoration.

The photos below show mowing on Vogar. This was done to provide green mulch, which we used as a cover and source of seed material in the empty areas on Uskovnica mountain.

Green mulch is green or freshly cut grass biomass that is cut into smaller pieces and transported to the recipient - a species-poorer meadow. For this experiment, as this is the first time the project has done this, all the recipient meadows had to be mown and hay hauled first, so that our collaborators could apply the green mulch to them. The green biomass, as we wrote, was obtained from the more species-rich (donor) meadows, in our case the Vogar meadow.

LIFE FOR SEEDS is co-funded by the European Union LIFE Programme, the Sigrid Rausing Trust and the Ministry of Public Administration. The lead partner of the project is DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenia, with the participation of the Triglav National Park (TNP), the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, the Notranjska Regional Park and the Goričko Landscape Park.