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Illustrator Igor Pičulin donates books with his illustrations

Illustrator Igor Pičulin donates books with his illustrations

Igor Pičulin likes to do many things. Among other things, he loves to draw. He likes to put on paper the images from nature that he has observed during his many years of hunting. No wonder he has made a name for himself as an illustrator of hunting books and publications.

He recently called us and told us that he would like to donate some books with animal illustrations for the children who visit our information centres to leaf through and learn from. He kept his promise and a few days later, with the books in his arms, he visited us at the Triglavska roža Information Centre in Bled, where the photo below is from.

We made sure that the books were available to children (and adults) at the various information centres (Bohinj and Trenta in addition to Bled). We thank Mr Pičulin from the bottom of our hearts for remembering us, and we would like to thank him publicly here.

What makes the books the happiest are the children who, while flipping through the pages, learn about the wild animals that hide in the forests from people. German-speaking visitors are also happy to be able to read texts in German, while others who do not understand the language do not mind. Pičulin's images of nature are understandable in all languages.