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On the second birthday of Hotel Bohinj

On the second birthday of Hotel Bohinj

On Saturday, 15 July, Dr Tit Potočnik, Director of the Public Institute Triglav National Park (JZ TNP), attended the celebration of the second birthday of the Bohinj Hotel. The Director of the hotel and the company Alpinia, Jure Repanšek, addressed the gathering, the Director of Tourism Bohinj, Klemen Langus, spoke about the importance of the hotel for Bohinj, and the understanding and respect of the goals and purpose of the Triglav National Park was highlighted in his speech by the Director of the JZ TNP, Dr. Tit Potočnik.The event was held in the Hotel Bohinj, which is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park.

As Dr Potočnik said, the key to long-term success is above all cooperation between stakeholders. Adherence to the goals and purpose of Slovenia's only national park is of paramount importance for the hotel's operation, as it brings satisfaction to guests, who have their expectations of their holiday experience fulfilled when they arrive in Bohinj, and to the locals, who are connected to the hotel, as the connection ensures a better quality of life for them, whether it is through employment, sales channels for products and services, or something else.

Dr Potočnik also stressed the importance of sustainable development, which must be integrated into all activities, as it is the only way to be part of the environment in which the hotel successfully operates. The long-standing commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in the changing habits of visitors, who are increasingly turning, for example, to sustainable mobility within the Julian Alps Biosphere Area. Dr Potočnik also believes that cooperation in this area is crucial, as tourism representatives, accommodation providers and institutions such as the JZ TNP need to work in harmony in order to achieve sustainable objectives.