Majestic, mysterious and magical

We cannot claim nature as our own; we can only live with it, respect it, and admire it.

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    In the Triglav National Park there are more than 7.000 species. Learn about the most common species.

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    Despite difficult conditions there are more than 1600 species in the Triglav National Park. Find out the most intresting ones.

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    Vast forests, high mountain ridges and crystal clear waters. The Park accommodates a wide diversity of ecosystems.

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    The diversity of inanimate nature is the basis for diverse life forms.

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    Cold winters and short summers are a typical feature of the Alpine climate, which is common in the Triglav National Park.

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    Water cirlce

    More than 250 springs, the only Alpine lakes and the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Learn about the diversity of water resources.

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    Natura 2000

    The entire area of the Triglav National Park is included in the European Network of Special-Purpose Protected Areas – NATURA 2000.