Typical local products

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Our most important local products are delicious home-made cheeses with protected designation of origin.


It is classified as a hard full-fat cheese. The main raw material used in its manufacture is raw, full-fat or skimmed, cow's milk. The characteristics of Tolminc cheese result from climatic and other conditions in Zgornje Posočje (Upper Soča Valley).

The holder of Protected Designation of Origin is the Cheese-Making Association "Tolminc".


It is classified as a hard full-fat cheese. The cheese is made from raw sheep's milk, which can in part (20%) be supplemented by cow's milk or goat's milk. The cheese has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status.

The holder of the designation is the Association of Small Cattle Breeders of Bovec.


Mohant spada med mehke sire. Ima značilen vonj in okus. Poleti, ko sir hitreje zori, ga izdelujejo iz polnomastnega mleka, pozimi pa iz posnetega kravjega mleka. Poleti, ko so temperature višje, zori najmanj šest tednov, pozimi pa do tri mesece.

Sir mohant v Bohinju pogosto postrežejo s krompirjem v oblicah.