Understanding the Triglav National Park - publications and questions to make things easier to understand

Triglav National Park • Ljubljanska cesta 27 • 4260 BLED • SLOVENIA
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Records of the national park

The Triglav National Park is not just about learning and experience, it is also and primarily a responsibility as provided for in the Triglav National Park Act. Reading publications and acquiring information helps us respect and understand the National Park.

The mission of the Triglav National Park is to provide professional and implementation support to decisions on nature protection and development and to open up possibilities for coordination of different interests and activities in a protected area. Proper management ensures implementation of the park's objectives and sets an example of management and proper conduct in other protected areas and outside them.


Guided tours and programme
Summer 2013


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Some photos of the Triglav National Park from the Flickr webportal.