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Soca Trail

The Soča Trail is a nature trail taking visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča river from its source towards Bovec. It is the first trail to have been created in the national park. The Soča Trail connects the old Trenta paths and peaceful sections of the valley, leading visitors away from the road and noise. Resembling an emerald green thread, the river Soča strings natural sights and cultural monuments like beads on a marvellous necklace. Picturesque footbridges crossing the river add an element of adventure to the otherwise peaceful walk. A visit to the Soča Trail and the Trenta Lodge, TNP Information Centre, will certainly deepen a traveller's experience and understanding of the Triglav National Park.

The trail, which measures 20 km in length, runs from the source of the Soča river down the valley of Trenta and the river Soča to the Kršovec hamlet at the border of the national park, and continues from there to Bovec as the Bovec Walking Trail.

The visit to the Soča Trail can be tailored to the available time and desired purpose of visitors, who can simply take a look at those sections of the trail they consider the most interesting. The trail is marked with TNP information posts, and with information boards set up at several information points along the trail. Guided tours can be arranged with the Triglav National Park.

The endemic Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) was the natural choice for the logo of the Soča Trail. In Slovenia, the fish can be found in the Soča and its tributaries, as well as in the Reka and the Rižana rivers.

Guided excursions along the oldest nature trail of the
Triglav National Park

Guided excursion that covers all the most interesting sites in Trenta: source of the Soča, monument to dr. Julius Kugy and Tura homestead, the Juliana botanical garden (depends on guests) and the Triglav National Park Information Centre.

Excursions are guided by specially trained experts of the
Triglav National Park.
The walk is not difficult, it is suitable also for children and elderly people, provided they are in good physical condition.

Suitable footwear and protection from the rain and wind are required.

Guided tours are organised every Thursday in July and August.

Meeting point is at the Soča Source Lodge at 9:00 a.m.
Price: 10 EUR per person, including entrance ticket to the Triglav National Park Information Centre
The excursion is carried out with a minimum of 5 participants.

More information: TNP Info centre in Trenta
++ 386 (0)5 38 89 330.

The Soča Trail (PDF, 4,8MB) Il Sentiero della Soča - Insonzo (PDF, 4,8MB)  


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